Eligibility & Qualifications

Who May File a Claim

Those eligible to file a claim include:

  • A victim who suffers personal physical injury or death as a result of a crime, trying to prevent a crime or apprehending a criminal. If a minor, the claim must be filed by the victim's parent or legal guardian.
  • A parent, grandparent, spouse, sibling or child of a homicide victim who dies as a result of the crime.
  • Any person legally dependent for principal support from a victim who dies as a result of the crime.
  • Any person who takes responsibility for funeral expenses of a homicide victim

Who is Not Eligible to File a Claim

Benefits may be reduced or denied if the victim:

  • Participated in the crime
  • Engaged in illegal activity
  • Contributed to the crime
  • Knowingly or intentionally submitted false or forged information to the Criminal Injury Compensation Fund
  • Did not cooperate with law enforcement agencies


The following qualifications must be met to file for a claim:

  • The crime occurred in Virginia or resulted from an act of foreign terrorism and resulted in physical injury or death.
  • The crime was reported to law enforcement within 120 hours after occurrence unless good cause for the delay is shown.
  • The victim cooperated with law enforcement and was willing to prosecute in court.
  • The value of the claim amounts to at least $100.
  • The crime did not involve a motor vehicle accident unless it was a result of a violation of the Drunk Driving Statute or the injuries were intentionally inflicted.
  • A Virginia resident who suffers a compensable crime in a country or territory without a compensation program may be eligible.