How the Ordinance Works


Every alarm user is allowed two free false alarms in a calendar year. False alarm response fees are imposed for the third and each subsequent false alarm in a calendar year. The false alarm response fee for residential and commercial alarm users begins at $100 for third false alarm.

On the third false alarm in a calendar year, the alarm user may be required to have the alarm system inspected by a licensed alarm company. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that all mechanical components of the alarm system are in good operating condition, as well as afford your alarm company an opportunity to re-educate all those using the system on its proper use.

Alarm Ordinance Violations

You will be considered in violation of the alarm ordinance if you fail to:

Monitoring Companies

Monitoring companies shall not make an alarm dispatch request during the first seven days following an alarm system installation, unless there is waiver granted by the FARU due to imminent danger to people or property. This is referred to as a "burn-in" or "soak" period.