Western Hills Watershed Management Plan

About the Plan

The intent of watershed management planning is to protect, preserve, and restore the water resources of Loudoun County. The county initiated the Western Hills Watershed Management Plan in summer 2018 and completed the plan in November 2019. The study area of over 70 square miles, as chosen by the Water Resources Technical Advisory Committee, is comprised of two watersheds the South Fork Catoctin Creek watershed and the North Fork Goose Creek watershed.

Map of Watersheds (PDF)

Link to larger version of Loudoun County Watershed Map

The county completed a similar project for the Upper Broad Run watershed in 2014. The Upper Broad Run Watershed Management Plan was the pilot for subsequent plans. Completed by a contractor in 2014, the plan tasks included public outreach, watershed assessment and management strategy. From this pilot, task allocation changes enabled staff to complete the desktop assessment to reduce overall costs in 2019 Western Hills Watershed Management Plan.

These plans are part of a systematic and detailed approach outlined in the Strategic Watershed Management Solutions project and recommended in the Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan.

About the Strategic Watershed Management Solutions Project

In 2006, the Loudoun County government, along with a diverse group of stakeholders and watershed experts conducted a series of meetings to develop a shared vision for watershed management planning strategies for Loudoun County. This effort was the Strategic Watershed Management Solutions (SWMS) project and was funded by Loudoun County and grants from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

About the Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan

In 2008, through a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan (CWMP) report was completed for Loudoun County. The report provides a recommended approach for Loudoun County Government to develop a plan to manage, preserve and improve the watersheds and water resources of Loudoun County including:

  • Evaluate existing hydrologic data.
  • Evaluate existing watershed data.
  • Prepare a watershed management program plan for Loudoun County with recommendations and options for implementation

Final Report


For additional information, email the Department of Building and Development’s Natural Resource Division or call 703-777-0220.