Howardsville Wastewater Project

Adequate treatment and disposal of sewage is critical to protecting public health, the environment and the quality of life in Loudoun County. In 2011, Loudoun County completed a Water and Wastewater Needs Assessment that identified communities with potential wastewater needs. Howardsville was identified as a community experiencing or at risk of experiencing problems with wastewater systems. 

About the Project

In response to concerns about on-site wastewater systems in Howardsville, the county commissioned a study to review current conditions in the community and recommend potential solutions. The study recommends that Howardsville be served by a community wastewater system. The Howardsville Wastewater Project is funded through the county’s Capital Improvement Program, and the completed system will be owned and operated by Loudoun Water. 

Type of Wastewater System

The proposed community wastewater system will consist of a low pressure wastewater collection system, a small wastewater treatment plant, and a subsurface drainfield. 

Location of the Wastewater System

The preferred system layout is to have the sewer mains run through Howardsville and discharge to a wastewater treatment plant and drainfield on a large parcel of land near the community. A parcel has been identified and a final system location will be determined when the system design is finalized. 

Project Updates

Phase 1 of the Howardsville Wastewater Project is now complete. Phase 1 included the completion of the wastewater collection system, access road, and storage tank. The completion of the collection system allows wastewater to be properly collected and transferred to a storage tank located at the site of the future wastewater treatment facility. Now that the wastewater collection system in the community is operational, Howardsville residents can begin connecting to the wastewater system by calling Loudoun Water at 571-291-7880

A future Phase 2 will include the design and final construction of the wastewater treatment facility and subsurface sewage disposal system.


Questions about the Howardsville Wastewater Project can be directed to Scott Fincham, Department of General Services, at 703-771-5520 or email Scott Fincham.