Temporary Changes to Services

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) continues to implement precautionary measures for the health and safety of our sheriff’s deputies, staff, and our community. 

Despite these measures, the LCSO is committed to providing you the same level of service you have come to expect in Loudoun. 

Online and Phone Reporting 

The online citizen crime reporting system allows you to submit a report without leaving your home or a deputy having to respond. It is important to only file an online report if it is not an emergency or crime that has just occurred or is in progress. 

  • When possible file a report online at sheriff.loudoun.gov/reportonline.
  • In addition to online reporting, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is now offering over the phone reporting for non-emergency incidents by calling 703-777-1021. This can be done in lieu of a deputy responding to your location.
  • Callers will continue to have the option to speak with a deputy in person. Based on the CDC guidance for law enforcement our deputies may keep a distance of six feet when possible during contact with residents. Don’t be offended if we don’t shake your hand.    

Records Services

In response to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Executive Order 55 and in order to maintain compliance with social distancing guidelines, the LCSO is suspending in-person services for the records section at our headquarters, located at 803 Sycolin Road in Leesburg. 

  • Fingerprinting has been suspended at all locations.
  • Most services remain available via telephone at 703-777-0629 or by email
  • Loudoun County residents will be able to obtain copies of accident reports and offense report summaries via email during this time.

Adult Detention Center

  • The Loudoun County Medical contractor increased the observation and assessment of all incoming inmates entering the facility.
  • A tiered approach has been implemented for inmates entering the facility upon arrest or transfer. Inmates who enter the facility will continue to spend the normal 48-72 hours in intake to await their TB/medical clearance. If after the 48-72 hours they exhibit no signs of sickness (cold, flu, etc.) they will be transferred to a new medical observation unit for 12 to 14 days of further observation before joining the general population. The inmates are monitored and checked for any symptoms every day by deputies and medical personnel. If an inmate exhibits any flu-like symptoms, they will be quarantined in a negative airflow cell. Those inside the new medical unit will have the same privileges as the general population, including the same access to tablets, telephones, television and non-contact visitation.
  • All inmates are currently assigned their own cell in each housing unit inside the facility.
  • The number of inmates in each housing unit has been reduced allowing inmates to practice social distancing.
  • On April 6, 2020, the facility was disinfected by a local remediation and restoration company with MDF-500 which sanitizes for coronaviruses and kills the virus with a more than 99.99-percent efficiency within one minute. The neutralizing material carries a Zero Hazard Rating.
  • Onsite video visitation suspended – Tablet video visitation continues for friends and loved ones. All inmates have access to these tablets. In addition, all inmates are afforded a free 15-minute weekly video visitation with loved ones during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • All inmates continue to have access to mental health counseling and psychiatric visits via iPad or in-person in non-contact visitation booths.
  • All inmate tablets have up-to-date links regarding the latest CDC guidelines.
  • Increased usage of Court TV to minimize the number of inmate transfers in and out of ADC.
  • Working with our contracted medical staff in the facility to ensure only critical medical appointments outside of the facility will be conducted.
  • All volunteer programs in the facility have been postponed to protect staff and inmates at the facility until further direction from the CDC.
  • Inmates still have the privilege to meet their attorneys in the non-contact visitation booths or via a free non-recorded video visitation on an inmate tablet.
  • All tours of the facility are suspended.
                     Safety Tips & Resources 
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This is a rapidly changing situation, and information is being shared as it becomes available.