Lovettsville Community Park


  • Located near East Broadway, Lovettsville Road and Milltown Road in Lovettsville, this projectincludes the construction of 90 acres of park facilities. 
    • These facilities include equestrian trails, walking trails, off-leash areas, a pond and amphitheater. In addition, the park facilities include 4 softball/baseball fields, 3 soccer fields and an equestrian area.
    • Improvements to the southern entrance and a new asphalt play area at Lovettsville Elementary School.
    • Other additions to the park site include site lighting, athletic field lighting, athletic field irrigation systems, fencing, retaining walls, athletic field accessories, flag poles, utility infrastructure, storm water grading, piping, and landscaping.

Current Status: December 2020

  • Earthwork for park features including parking lots and ball fields are underway.
  • Utility infrastructure is being installed throughout the entire park. This includes storm water piping and water and sewer lines. 
  • Work on Lovettsville Elementary School property has been complete. This includes utility infrastructure that services the park.
  • Excavation of temporary sediment basins and all other Erosion and Sediment control measures are complete.  
  • Site clearing work has been completed.  
  • The contract has been awarded to Dustin Construction Inc. in July 2020. 
  • Notice to proceed with construction was issued on June 25, 2020.  
  • VDOT and county grading permits have been obtained.
  • Areas of Limits of Disturbance have been marked on the property. 
  • Erosion and sediment control measures have been installed around the elementary school.
  • Demolition has begun on the south side of the school to make way for utility infrastructure which services the park.  Crews have mobilized to install water and sewer lines in that area.
  • Completion of work on school property was completed.