Selma Estates Flood Mitigation Project


  • Between 2013 and 2018, significant flooding events were experienced by residents along Farnborough Place, Osterly Lane, Trongate Court, Berkhamstead Place, and Saxon Shore Drive, resulting in damage to residential structures.
  • A 2019 study found that a buyout program is the most viable flood mitigation option because it removes all risk of structural flooding during a 100-year storm event.

Project Update: April 21, 2022 

Several departments are currently working to establish a county grant fund that would allow for the remaining eligible properties to perform their own mitigation with financial assistance from the County. There are several steps required to establish the grant fund including the adoption of a new County ordinance. The ordinance is currently in development. 

It is staff’s intention that the proposed County ordinance and proposed guidelines for the Selma Estates Flood Mitigation Project, requested earlier this year, will be brought to the Board this summer (June or July). If both are adopted by the Board, staff will begin implementing the proposed Selma Estates Flood Mitigation Project immediately.

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If you have questions about the flood mitigation project, email project manager Maggie Auer at the Department of Building and Development or call 703-737-0222.

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