Westwind Drive from Loudoun County Parkway to Old Ox Road


  • The project begins at the intersection of Westwind Drive and Loudoun County Parkway (Route 607) and extends south approximately 6,330 feet to the intersection of Ladbrook Drive and Old Ox Road (Route 606). 
  • This four-lane, divided, urban collector road will include construction of a new section of Westwind Drive from State Street to Ladbrook Drive in addition to other improvements along existing sections of Westwind Drive and Ladbrook Drive within the project limits. 
  • The project also includes a new bridge over Broad Run, and a sidewalk and shared-use path that will extend for the full length of the project.
  • This project will directly link the roadways between two Metrorail Silver Line stations, Loudoun Gateway Station and Ashburn Station, by connecting Loudoun County Parkway and Old Ox Road. 
  • The major elements for this project are as follows:
    • New roadway (Westwind Drive) from State Street to Ladbrook Drive.
    • Improvements along the existing section of Westwind Drive from Loudoun County Parkway to State Street.
    • Improvements along the existing section of Ladbrook Road from the southern end of the new alignment to Old Ox Road.
    • New four-lane bridge over the Broad Run.
    • Utility relocations as needed.
    • Intersection improvements at the following four (4) intersections:
      • Loudoun County Parkway and Westwind Drive.
      • Westwind Drive and State Street.
      • Westwind Drive and Ladbrook Drive.
      • Ladbrook Drive and Old Ox Road.
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  • The project is funded with Federal, State (Smart Scale funding), Local Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) funding, as well as general obligation bonds and local tax monies. The project ID numbers are as follows:
    • State Project: 2988-053-175, PE101, RW201, C501
    • Federal: STP-5B01
    • UPC: 111670

Current Phase: Design

Estimated Timeline

  • Fall 2020 - Fall 2024: Design
  • Winter 2025 - Fall 2025: Right of Way
  • Winter 2026 - Fall 2026: Utilities Relocation 
  • Fall 2026 - Winter 2027: Procurement of Construction Contractor
  • Spring 2027: Award Contract – Construction
  • Spring 2027: Notice to Proceed – Construction
  • Spring 2027 - Spring 2029: Construction
  • Spring 2029: Substantial Completion

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