Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The Community Planning Division of the Department of Planning and Zoning is working on a number of Comprehensive Plan Amendments (CPAMs) to the Loudoun County 2019 Comprehensive Plan.

Active Comprehensive Plan Amendments

Name Number Description Status
Airport Impact Overlay District Update

CPAM-2021-0001 This CPAM would amend the Airport Impact Overlay District to reflect the results of the 2019 Dulles Noise Contour Update Report. The update would potentially include amending associated content and policy statements.  A public information meeting was held December 13, 2021. Learn more on the project webpage.
Countywide Transportation Plan Amendment - Route 15

CPAM-2021-0002 This CPAM would revise the planned ultimate condition of Route 15 North of Montresor to the Maryland state line. This amendment would potentially modify associated content and policy statements in the 2019 Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Commission held a public hearing November 30, 2021. The item was forwarded to a January 13, 2022, work session, which will be available for viewing in person or online
Red Hill Community

CPAM-2020-0002 To consider bringing the portion of the Rural Policy Area located East of Greene Mill Preserve into the Transition Policy Area including consideration of any planning document revisions that may be necessary to implement this potential policy area change.  This CPAM was initiated by the Board of Supervisors on December 2, 2020. Read more here (PDF).