Dulles West Boulevard - Northstar Blvd. to Arcola Blvd.


  • This project provides for the planning, design, right of way acquisition, and construction of a four-lane median divided roadway between Northstar Boulevard and Arcola Boulevard. This project is a continuation of Dulles West Boulevard from Dulles Landing Drive (under construction by others) up to the intersection of Northstar Blvd. The proposed alignment will maintain the needed functionality and mobility of a major collection street system. 
  • Coordination with the Northstar Boulevard: Shreveport Drive to Route 50 project has begun and will continue throughout design and construction due to overlap with the Dulles West Boulevard project. More information is provided on the Northstar Boulevard: Shreveport Drive to Route 50 project page.
  • Funding for this project includes local source funding and regional Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) funds.

Current Phase: Right of Way

Estimated Timeline

  • Summer 2022 - Winter 2024: Right of Way
  • Winter 2024 - Winter 2025: Utilities Relocation 
  • Winter 2025 - Summer 2025: Procurement of Construction Contractor
  • Summer 2025: Award Contract – Construction
  • Summer 2025: Notice to Proceed – Construction
  • Summer 2025 - Summer 2027: Construction
  • Summer 2027: Substantial Completion

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