Intersection Improvement Program

Loudoun County’s Intersection Improvement Program (IIP) addresses traffic safety and operational challenges on roadways within the county. It also identifies cost-effective solutions to enhance safety for all motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.


  • In 2017, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors established the IIP as a proactive measure to efficiently initiate and implement roadway intersection improvement projects. Previously, these projects were often initiated on an ad-hoc basis in reaction to traffic safety and operational concerns, and were sometimes delayed until funds became available. 
  • To enhance responsiveness in addressing safety concerns, the Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) developed a data-driven plan to identify problematic intersections based on incidents and operations.
  • Intersections identified for improvement as part of this program are located along primary or collector roadways in the Countywide Transportation Plan (CTP). CTP roadways are high volume or critical as they allow residents access to schools, public transportation and other areas of interest.
  • Intersection improvement projects are initiated and advanced to design and implementation phases in descending priority order within the County’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
  • Funding for intersection improvement projects began in the second half of 2021.

Intersection Projects:

Each individual intersection improvement project follows the standard process for project initiation and advancement within the County’s CIP. From start to finish, the estimated timeline for the installation of a traffic signal is three years and a roundabout is five years. This timeline includes the design, land acquisition, utility relocation and construction phases of the project. 

IIP projects currently underway are listed in priority order as follows:

  • Sterling Boulevard (Route 846) and Glenn Drive - Provides for traffic signal installation at the intersection with lane configuration change on the northbound approach with a dedicated left turn land and a shared thru/right lane.
  • Claiborne Parkway (Route 901) and Marshfield Drive - Provides for the conversion of the intersection to a right0in, right-out, left-in configuration and the addition of a U-turn lane on the northbound approach of the Claiborne Parkway/Wayside Court intersection.
  • Tall Cedars Parkway (Route 2200) and Nations Street - Provides for the conversion of the intersection at Tall Cedars Parkway and Nations Street to a right-in, right-out, left-in configuration.
  • Ashburn Road (Route 641) and Faulkner Parkway - Provides for the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of Ashburn Road and Faulkner Parkway. Additionally, provides for the creation of dedicated right and left turn lanes in the east and westbound directions.
  • Old Ox Road (Route 606) and Douglas Court - Provides for the conversion of the intersection to a right-in, right-out, left-in configuration.
  • Old Ox Road (Route 606) and Dulles Summit Court - Provides for various minor improvements at the intersection, including repositioning the stop bar, extending the median nose, modifying the curb ramps, and installing additional warning signs. The project will also include new curb and gutter, and mill overlay of all legs of the intersection.
  • Ryan Road (Route 772) and Cotton Grass Way- Provides for improvements to pavement markings to update the northbound approach land configurations to a shared left/through lane and a dedicated right turn lane, aligning the northbound lanes with the matching receiver lanes. 
  • Sugarland Road (Route 604) and Church Road/Frederick Drive - Provides for the installation of the mini roundabout at the intersection of Sugarland Road and Church Road/Frederick Drive. Additional, related work will be required to reconfigure existing approach lanes and to provide ADA upgrades to pedestrian ramps. 
  • Claiborne Parkway (Route 901) and Dulles Greenway - Provides for the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection while retaining existing lane configurations.
  • Sterling Boulevard (Route 846) and West Laurel Avenue - Provides for the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection, while preserving the existing lane configurations. Includes upgrades to the existing curb and gutter system.
  • Waxpool Road (Route 2119) and Shellhorn Road (Route 643) - Provides for interim safety improvements at the Waxpool Road and Shellhorn Road intersection, including tree trimming and vegetation removal, and the installation of advanced intersection warning signs. 
  • Waxpool Road (Route 2119) and Ashburn Road (Route 641) - Provides for the interim and long-term safety improvements at the intersection of Ashburn Road/Waxpool Road/Ryan Corner Place. Interim improvements include the installation of All Ways Stop (AWS) signage and minor pavement marking updates. Long-term improvements include the installation of a traffic signal at the intersection. 

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