Shelter Tours

Shelter Tours

Loudoun County Animal Services (LCAS) offers one-hour tours for groups of 5-20 people for an in-depth look at how the Loudoun County Animal Shelter works. Tours include a classroom portion to discuss why LCAS is essential and what animals the shelter and staff assist. Following that tour, groups are taken through the shelter, introduced to the working areas and introduced to animals in LCAS’ care. Tour length is approximately 1 hour.

How to Book a Guided Shelter Tour

  • Please contact the Humane Education Coordinator through this online form, by email or at 703-777-0406 with possible dates and times for your tour and the anticipated age and number of attendees. 
  • A $10/per child fee supports LCAS shelter pets and there is no fee for parents or chaperons. The tour fee is due at the time of the tour.
  • Guided shelter tours must be scheduled at least 1 month in advance. While we do our best to accommodate requests, please note that we receive a large volume of tour requests and therefore cannot guarantee all can be accommodated.
  • In order to ensure a quality educational experience for each attendee, groups must be no larger than 20 children. Group organizers should plan to have one chaperon per every three children.

What to Expect

  • Our tour features a classroom portion followed by a walkthrough of the shelter.
  • The classroom portion is seated, 15-20 minutes in length.
  • The walkthrough of the shelter involves moving through the shelter. We are a wheelchair accessible facility.
  • The walking portion of the tour is usually about 30 minutes in length.
  • Animal interaction during tours is dependent on animal availability and comfort, but typically involves a petting opportunity for cats and small mammals such as guinea pigs or rabbits.