African-American History at the Loudoun County Courthouse

African-American history is abundantly present among the records retained in the Clerk's office and intertwined among the Courthouse's history through the court cases heard there, through the decisions and verdicts of judges and juries, and through activities conducted on the Courthouse grounds. The horrors of slavery, the joy and challenges of freedom, and the courage of advocating for civil rights are represented at the courthouse.

In recognition of this history, the Historic Records Division partnered with the Black History Committee of the Friends of the Thomas Balch Library to create a new brochure that tells these stories. Links to the individual stories presented in the brochure can be found below.

The Black History Committee of the Friends of Thomas Balch Library preserves, collects, promotes and shares the history of African-Americans who contributed to the emergence and development of the county.

Black History Committee
P.O. Box 2184
Leesburg, VA 20177

A special thanks to the Heritage Commission's Courthouse Grounds Research Project and its report: The History of the Loudoun County Courthouse and Its Role in the Path to Freedom, Justice, and Racial Equality in Loudoun County (PDF).