Village of Waterford Study and Master Plan Update


  • Loudoun County is preparing a study to update the concept designs detailed in the 2003 Bury the Wires and Tame the Traffic study and master plan in the Village of Waterford, Va. 
  • The updated study will integrate the results of the Loudoun Water Waterford Feasibility Study, the most recent Traffic Calming Analysis, and current best practices for stormwater management and reuse of stormwater. 
  • In addition, the study will incorporate research on renewable energy, fiber optic lines to support high-speed internet, stormwater harvesting, nutrient banking, and adaptive reuse of historic buildings conducted by the Waterford Foundation, Inc. (WFI) and the Waterford Citizens Association (WCA). These improvements will be consistent with the Village of Waterford’s status as a U.S. Department of Interior designated, National Historic Landmark (NHL). 

Background on 2003 Study and Master Plan

  • The design intent of the 2003 study and master plan was that traffic calming measures and improvements to lighting, utilities, and drainage would be constructed based on an integrated, coordinated design that would be consistent with the NHL status of the village. 
  • In the 2003 study and master plan, the concepts were as follows:
    • Traffic calming
    • Improvements to roads, sidewalks, and pavements
    • Stormwater management
    • Relocation of power and telephone wires from overhead to underground
    • Installation of street and sidewalk lighting
    • Environmental and historic resources review

Current Phase: Complete

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