Commuting Programs and Incentives

The following commuting programs and incentives are provided in partnership with Commuter Connections, a regional network of transportation organizations. Select the tabs below to read more about them.

  1. Programs
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Loudoun County residents and employees may register for two essential commuting programs:

  • The Ridesharing Program enables commuters to find other individuals who share similar commute routes and work hours to join or form a carpool or vanpool.
  • The Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program supports commuters who use alternative transportation at least twice per week. Anyone who rides transit, carpools, vanpools, bikes or walks to work is eligible for up to six free rides home per year during unexpected emergencies, such as personal illness, a sick child, and unscheduled overtime. 

How to Participate

To use these and other Commuter Connections programs, individuals must set up a free Commuter Connections account. For information about all Commuter Connections programs and incentives, including any rules and restrictions, visit

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