W&OD At-Grade Crossing Improvements


  • This project provides funding for various improvements at several Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) trail crossings spanning the length of the W&OD trail within the unincorporated areas of the County and the Town of Purcellville, including crossings at:
    • Ashburn Road
    • Hirst Road (in the Town of Purcellville)
    • Smith Switch Road
    • North Hatcher Avenue (in the Town of Purcellville)
    • Dry Mill Road near Route 9
    • Hamilton Station Road
    • Cochran Mill Road
    • Ivandale Road
  • Improvements may include the realignment of trail crossings, the construction of median refuge islands, the installation of flashing warning signs, tree trimming and clearing, and the restriction of parking.
  • Funding for this project includes local tax funding, cash proffers and federal grants. 

Current Phase: Design

Estimated Timeline

  • Fall 2020 - Fall 2022: Design
  • Winter 2023 - August 2023: Right of Way
  • Summer 2023 - Fall 2023: Utilities Relocation 
  • Winter 2024 - Summer 2024: Procurement of Construction Contractor
  • Summer 2024: Award Contract – Construction
  • Winter 2025: Notice to Proceed – Construction
  • Winter 2025 - Fall 2025: Construction
  • Fall 2025: Substantial Completion

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