Hal & Berni Hanson Regional Park

Hal and Berni Hanson Regional Park

About the Park

Hal & Berni Hanson is a 257-acre regional park in Aldie, southeastern Loudoun, between the Brambleton and Willowsford communities. The owner of the land -- Haldore ‘Hal’ Hanson, a writer, U.S. State Department official, and nonprofit leader -- died in 1992. In keeping with the wishes of Hanson and his wife Berni, the Hanson Family Partnership agreed to sell the land to Loudoun County only for use as a park.

This massive regional Park offers multiple features, programming, and opportunities for recreation.

Dogs In Parks

Dogs are generally allowed in parks while on a physical leash and under the control of the owner, according to Chapter 612.13 of the Loudoun County Codified Ordinances; however, per Chapter 1092.21, there are certain areas within parks that dogs are prohibited, such as athletic areas and spectator areas and their surrounding areas. Please see the ordinance language for both 612.13 and 1092.21 for more details.