Franklin Park Master Plan


  • Loudoun County is considering improvements to Franklin Park that are designed to provide additional passive and active recreational opportunities for residents and improve parking while maintaining the park’s natural attributes.
  • The 203-acre regional park is located between the towns of Purcellville and Round Hill in the Blue Ridge District. The Franklin Park Performing and Visual Arts Center is also located on the property.  The active and passive park includes an outdoor pool and sprayground, 3.5 miles of trail, a playground, a catch and release pond, a disc golf course, an equestrian ring and corrals, an in-line skate rink, rental pavilions, sports fields, and tennis and pickleball courts.
  • After acquiring 103 acres adjacent to the current park in 2022, the county began a master plan process for the newly enlarged park to consider a sustainable and meaningful active and passive recreation design that supports the community's diverse interests and growing demands for recreation and leisure. The process has included gathering input from residents and businesses in multiple formats to review potential future improvements to Franklin Park.
  • Planners identified amenities that may potentially be added to the newly enlarged park, including equestrian facilities, additional hiking trails, and improved parking and restroom facilities.
  • Following an October 25, 2022, in-person public information meeting and feedback from the community through an online comment form, planners have modified potential amenities that may be added to the newly acquired land and existing park. 
  • The master plan was revised in January 2023 as a result of the public information meeting and comments. The revisions to the western and eastern parcels include modifying the western parcel to passive recreation areas, modifying and expanding the existing equestrian facility on the original park site, and reducing access and parking on the newly acquired property.
  • To allow for the proposed active and passive recreation uses, the county proposes to rezone the residential portion of the property. The current zoning for the 103 acres of the newly acquired land is split, currently zoned for agricultural in one section and zoned for residential development in another section. Seeking a rezoning of the land by the Board of Supervisors will align development potential with the master plan for agricultural and recreational use. This approximately nine-month rezoning process will include two public hearings held by the Loudoun County Planning Commission and the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors where members of the public will have the opportunity to provide comments on the plan. 
  • Through collaborative efforts between the Town of Round Hill and Loudoun County, this master planning process will also evaluate potential connections between the existing park, the new area of the park, and the town’s Sleeter Lake Park.

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Public Information Meeting - October 25, 2022

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Residents may also submit comments or questions regarding Franklin Park’s future improvements via email.