Waterford Water Project

About the Project 

  • To address ongoing water supply issues in the village of Waterford, residents submitted an application in 2019 to the county's Water and Wastewater Program
  • As part of this program, Loudoun Water completed the Waterford Water Feasibility Study (PDF) in March 2022, which evaluated concerns identified in the application and determined the technical feasibility of potential solutions to the community’s drinking water concerns. 
  • In May 2022, following completion of the study, county staff presented the results and responded to questions from the community.
  • Following the May 2022 community meeting, a survey link was provided to Waterford residents. The survey was designed to help the County better understand what Waterford residents think about potential projects to address water problems in the village. 

Current Status

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For more information, email Scott Fincham, project manager, or call 703-771-5520.