LandMARC: Land Management, Applications, Research, Coordination

LandMARC is the county's online land management system. Through an online portal, customers can:

  • Submit permit, land development and legislative land use applications
  • Submit electronic copies of plans and other required documentation
  • Track the status of applications and land development projects
  • Request pre-application and pre-submission meetings
  • Request inspections
  • Pay application fees
  • Access public records related to permits and plans

Access LandMARC Here

Updates on Progress of Permits Processing

Access LandMARC Here


Help and How-To Guides

Getting Started


Pay an Invoice and Request an Inspection

Search for Records

  • Search for public records (such as permits and land development applications). (PDF | Video)

Company Contact Lists

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Advanced Video Training

  • Self-paced training video covering account creation, application submission, plan review, paying invoices, bonds, and more.

Electronic Plan Submission Guidelines

Current and Former Application Names

  • Many permit and plan names/acronyms have changed. This Permit and Plan Name Cross Reference document includes all permit and plan names/acronyms as they were in LMIS and what they will be in LandMARC. 


For assistance with LandMARC, call 703-777-0220. 

What is the difference between a permit and plan?

Permit Examples

  • Building and Trades
  • Zoning and Sign
  • Fire Marshal's Office
  • Grading and Stormwater Management 
  • Well and Septic 
  • Special Events
  • Solid Waste Management

Plan Examples

  • Premeetings
  • Engineering and Site Plans
  • Legislative Applications
  • Plats
  • Bonds
  • Correspondence Requests
  • Floodplain Alterations and Studies