Crops Suitability Tool in Loudoun County


The Crops Suitability Tool combines soil types, aspect (slope orientation), and percentage of slope to determine the best and least suitable sites in which to grow crops in Loudoun County. It includes different types of Agricultural Soils (Prime Farmland, Secondary Cropland, Grassland Agriculture, Orchard Land, Woodland Use and Wildlife) and its grade of suitability for grapes, tree fruits, hops, vegetables, flowers, herbs, small fruits, field crops, pasture and hay.

Farmers, including those interested in farming, and real estate agents are encouraged to use the mapping tool to make guided decisions before starting a crop for the first time or buying land. If you see major discrepancies while using this tool, please report them.

Note: The tool does not account for the incidence and prevalence of any type of pests (weed, insects, and diseases, e.g. nematodes, fungi, bacteria, or viruses) or weather conditions that can affect crops. The accuracy of the predicted outcomes is not 100%; for example, 17B soils in a concave position are not suitable for growing perennial crops or high cash valued crops. To get a soil map report of your property and/or have a site evaluation for further recommendation contact VCE Loudoun Commercial Horticulturist Beth Sastre.

Crops Suitability Tool 

How to Use The Tool

  • Click the “Layers” icon to turn on or off the layers you would like to view. To look at the suitability of crops, check the Crops Suitability Models’ box and click the arrow. The list of crops will appear for you to check your preferences. The three dots next to each layer allow you to change the transparency.
  • The recommendation of some grapes and tree fruits varieties that adapt better to our environment can be found under the " i " tab, located at the top left of the map. 
  • Layers from the Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance as well as parcels and soils are included for reference; you can see these layers by zooming in.  Zoom in close to see streets and building footprints or use the base map icon to change the map background.
  • This tool was created by the Office of Mapping and Geographic Information. To report any technical problems, please email the Office of Mapping and Geographic Information.

Additional Information 


To learn more about best management practices for commercial or home production, contact VCE Loudoun at 703-777-0373 or email.