Health Plan Changes for 2024

New Cigna OAP High

At the July 5, 2023 Board of Supervisors Business Meeting, the Board voted to replace the current Cigna Point of Service (POS) network of medical providers with the Cigna Open Access Plus (OAP) network of medical providers while maintaining the same plan design and structure as the current POS plan. This means that beginning on January 1, 2024, there will be a new plan, Cigna OAP High. The Cigna OAP High medical plan option will provide the same coverage levels (e.g., copays, deductibles, coinsurances, out-of-pocket maximums) as the current POS plan. Now, all four plans: OAP High, OAP, HSA and HRA will utilize the same network of medical providers. 

How will the new OAP High plan compare to the current POS plan?

Currently, the POS plan requires participants to name a primary care provider, and then a referral is required for participants to see a specialist. The new OAP High plan will not require participants to name a primary care provider, and participants will not be required to obtain a referral to see a specialist. Participants will be able to see any in-network provider. Also, the new Cigna OAP High plan will provide participants with a national network of providers instead of the current POS plan’s regional network of providers available which is limited to Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and portions of West Virginia. One major benefit of this change is that nearly 800 out-of-network POS providers being utilized in the POS plan will be considered in-network once the OAP High plan becomes effective on January 1, 2024. This results in lower out-of-pocket costs for covered participants.  

The national Cigna OAP network offers a new robust care management program, Cigna Health Matters Care Management (HMCM). Cigna Health Matters Care Management provides you and your family with a valuable resource for one-on-one support and guidance to the right programs and services for healthcare needs and conditions.

The table below summarizes the differences between the current POS plan and the new OAP High plan:    

health plan comparison

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