Food Waste Composting

Pilot Program

Loudoun County has launched a one-year pilot program for accepting food waste at its new Food Waste Composting Drop-Off Center located at the Loudoun County Landfill. The program is intended for residents who are interested in composting their household food scraps.  

The company Key Compost provides commercial food waste composting collection services in Loudoun and will be collecting the material for processing at their composting facility in Frederick, Maryland.

Accepted Materials

  • Only food scraps are accepted for drop-off, and quantities are limited to one 5-gallon container or equivalent amount per customer per week.
  • Compostable bags, paper products, and any other items other than food scraps are not accepted.  
  • Typical food scraps that are accepted for composting include fruit and vegetable scraps, pasta, bread, cereal, rice, beans, eggs and egg shells, meat (raw or cooked), seafood (meat & shells), dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, baking ingredients, herbs & spices, coffee grounds & filters, tea bags, and popcorn.
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