Volunteer Project Ideas

Are you interested in helping the animals at Loudoun County Animal Shelter but you need service hours quickly or can’t make regular commitments required to be a volunteer? There are still many ways you can help! 

The projects below can be done at home by individuals or groups and then brought into the shelter when finished. Projects can be brought to the shelter anytime we are open for Adoptions and Viewing. If you have a sheet to track your service hours that you need to have signed, please arrange to drop off your supplies when the Volunteer Coordinator is available. For questions or to schedule project drop offs needing signatures, please contact us.

Project Ideas

No Sew Cat Blankets – Pets in the shelter and in foster adore these no sew beds for snuggling down and having a good nap. Find instructions here.

Loudoun Pet Pantry Food Drive – Loudoun Pet Pantry helps keep pets in loving homes by providing food supplies for families in need. Volunteers package kits of food that families can pick up at Loudoun Hunger Relief. Loudoun Pet Pantry takes donations of small (less than 8lb) bags of dry food and canned wet cat and dog food. More information here.

Snuffle Mat – Snuffle mats provide enrichment for our pets through scent, search and food! Find out how to make these cool mats using shower mats and fleece here.

Dog Tug Toys – Our dogs (especially our larger dogs) love tug toys! Braided fleece or rope toys make excellent tools for staff, volunteers and the public to interact and have fun with our dogs. Some of our dogs even play with tug toys on their own! Click here or here for some great examples of DIY tug toys.

Ping Pong Balls – Our cats and ferrets love chasing ping pong balls! They love them even more when they have some great decorations! All you need are some ping pong balls, non-toxic markers and your creativity.