Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for wanting to help the shelter pets at Loudoun County Animal Services! Our Apprentice Program is set up specifically for children, ages 10-15, to volunteer alongside their parent or guardian. 

Volunteer Apprentice Program - Ages 10 to 15 with a Parent or Guardian

The Volunteer Apprentice Program allows youth ages 10-15 to volunteer at Loudoun County Animal Services alongside a parent/guardian. Volunteer Apprentice pairs support shelter staff and pets through teamwork, filling many of the roles of an adult volunteer. Orientations for the Apprentice Program are offered twice a year. 


  • Volunteer Apprentices must be between 10-15 years old. (Ages 16 and up can volunteer independently.) 
  • Each parent/guardian must be over 18 years old and may only supervise one Volunteer Apprentice at a time.
  • Apprentices and parent/guardians must volunteer together for a minimum of 8 hours per month for at least 6 months.
  • Must be able to volunteer during LCAS operating hours.
  • Parent/guardian and apprentice volunteer must be able to attend one of the biannual apprentice orientations together before beginning to volunteer.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Apprentice Pair, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator by email to be placed on the notification list for the next Volunteer Apprentice Orientation. You will be contacted with more information regarding the next Volunteer Apprentice orientation. Apprentice orientations occur twice a year and are based on the pet population and shelter needs.

Available Volunteer Positions:

Canine Volunteer

Canine Volunteers improve the lives of shelter dogs while they are waiting for their new homes. Volunteers work with the Behavior Program Manager on training and enrichment for the dogs and assist with vital care and cleaning to make the dogs comfortable in their kennels. Strict adherence to LCAS cleaning and disease control policy is required.

Feline Volunteer

Feline Volunteers spend quality time socializing, exercising and enriching the environment of the cats in the shelter. They are responsible for safely and compassionately handling the cats. Volunteers are responsible for assisting staff in ensuring that each cat’s kennel is clean and well maintained. Strict adherence to LCAS cleaning and disease control policy is required.

Small Animal Volunteers

Small Animal Volunteers cuddle, pet, play with and give attention to adoptable small animals (i.e. gerbils, ferrets, guinea pigs, geckos, etc.) at the shelter. These volunteers also assist staff in the maintenance and cleaning pertaining to these animals. Strict adherence to LCAS cleaning and disease control policy is required.

For more information please call 703-777-0406 or email Volunteer Coordinator Amelia Monroe.

Additional Opportunities

At-Home Projects to Help Animals

Are you interested in helping animals in Loudoun County but you need service hours quickly or can’t make the commitments required of an onsite volunteer? The projects on our Volunteer Project Ideas page can be completed at home and brought the shelter any time we are open for business.

If you need service hours for a club, school or other organization, be sure to track your hours using our tracking sheet or the sheet provided by your school or organization. For larger projects, such as Girl Scout Gold, Eagle Scout or LCPS Senior Projects, please contact the volunteer coordinator at 703-777-0406.

*Please note: LCAS is unable to sign for court ordered community service hours.*