Service Issues & Complaints

Telecommunication Regulation

There are two agencies that provide regulatory control and policies over telecommunication carriers in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

While both agencies overlap in their charters and governing policies, the FCC controls regulatory practices for the entire United States while the SCC regulates services offered in Virginia.

Loudoun County strives to work with telecommunications providers to expand and improve service offerings to residents and businesses in Loudoun, but the county can only regulate telecommunication carriers in regard to zoning / planning and cable television issues.

Service & Billing Problems

If issues arise that cause service and or billing problems, residents should work with their respective service providers to resolve the issue. If you are unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion you can contact the Federal Communications Commission or the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Both commissions have divisions devoted to handling consumer telecommunication issues. It is important to document all communication with the carrier and provide it to the FCC or SCC in the event a formal complaint needs to be made.