Digital Subscriber Line

DSL Service

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service is a very high-speed connection that uses the same wires as a regular telephone line. In Loudoun County, DSL service is provided by Verizon.


For questions or to order DSL service, please contact Verizon.

DSL Limitations

An important point about DSL is that it is distance sensitive. Currently DSL has a theoretical limit of 18,000 wire feet. Verizon will accept orders, prior to prequalification, of 15,000 feet. DSL sends a signal to your house via copper wire that degrades over distance. Most wiring does not follow a straight line to your house. The wires on telephone poles or underground conduit serve other neighborhoods before reaching you. The 15,000 feet should not be looked at in terms of a radius, but is a general benchmark before Verizon does a qualification. This office has about fifteen examples of people who live 10,000 feet away from a central office, including the manager of broadband services, who cannot get DSL service.

While DSL might advertise that the distance may go 15,000 feet, the practical limits of distance, quality of copper wiring, splits in the copper keep this from happening. There are several central offices that are at capacity and cannot take more orders. Verizon is focusing its time and money on building its fiber optic service, which will be a replacement product for DSL, rather than expanding its DSL service.

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