All members of the Fire Marshal's office are sworn law enforcement personnel and are highly trained in the fields of arson detection, explosive investigation, and case management.


Some of the responsibilities of the office are: fire origin and cause determination, scene documentation, witness interviews, investigation of explosives, hazardous materials incidents, rendering safe explosive devices, executing searches, and providing expert testimony in the criminal court system.

Federal Training

Members of the Fire Marshal's office regularly participate in state and federal training programs such as: evidence collection, fire dynamics, case management, gang recognition, interviewing techniques, photography, fire arms and tactical training, vehicle fire investigation, post-blast investigations, cell phone forensic investigation techniques, managing complex fire scene investigations and bomb squad re-certification.


The minimum qualifications to be a member of the Loudoun County Fire Marshal's office are governed by the State of Virginia, Code of Virginia §27-34.2:1 for investigators and the Code of Virginia § 27 to 34.2 for inspectors. Initial investigator / law enforcement training is over 400 hours with 40 hours of re-certification every two years. Initial training for inspectors is 96 hours with 16 hours re-certification every two years. This training ensures that all members of the Fire Marshal's office are capable of providing full, professional services to the citizens of Loudoun County.

More Information

Contact Deputy Chief Linda Hale for more information.