Guide to Selling in Loudoun County

This webpage provides basic information on how to sell to the Loudoun County Government. In addition to the general government, the Loudoun County Public Schools and Loudoun Water also have central purchasing offices. Each one operates in accordance with the Virginia Procurement Act of the Code of Virginia. However, procedures may differ slightly. This webpage details the Loudoun County General Government's procedures. You may contact the Loudoun County Public Schools at 571-252-1270 and Loudoun Water at 571-291-7700 to obtain information on their procedures.

Bidder Applications

If you would like to be notified of formal solicitations for specific goods or services, you should complete a Bidder Application. You may complete and submit the application online.

Procurement Process

Purchases up to $10,000 can be made using a Loudoun County purchase card (PCard) or official Purchase Order. Purchases in excess of $10,000 require an official Purchase Order. Contract purchases are not permissible on a PCard unless approved in advance by Procurement staff.

Over $10,000 up to but not exceeding $100,000 for goods and non-professional services (and up to $80,000 for professional services):  Solicitation of three (3) informal written quotes (or proposals) from vendors is required. 

The following procurements must be handled by the Division of Procurement:

  • Goods, non-professional services, and non-transportation construction contracts over $100,000 up to but not exceeding $100,000 (including renewal options) and up to, but not exceeding $200,000 require a written informal solicitation of a minimum of four (4) vendors to be issued by the Division of Procurement.
  • Goods and services over $200,000 (and over $80,000 for professional services) require formal competition by the Division of Procurement.
  • Procurements in excess of the following limits may only be awarded after approval by the Finance / Government Operations and Economic Development Committee and Board of Supervisors:  Invitations for Bid - $8,000,000, Requests for Proposal  - $2,000,000, Rideable / Cooperative Contracts  - $2,000,000, and Sole Source Contracts - $1,000,000.

Formal solicitations require written specifications, publishing in a local newspaper, and posting in a public place.  Our public place is the office lobby of the Division of Procurement.

You may obtain a copy of solicitations posted online.

Local, Small, & Minority Businesses

While the Virginia Public Procurement Act does not allow a local preference, Loudoun County is committed to ensuring all qualified vendors have access to public procurement opportunities, including giving local, minority, small, woman-owned or service disabled veteran owned businesses opportunities to compete for county contracts.

Vendors should contact our office to acquaint themselves with the county's procedures. We welcome input on how contracts might be revised to allow local, small, woman-owned and minority businesses to compete.

Goods & Services

Loudoun County spends about $222 million a year for a wide variety of goods and services, such as construction, vehicles, office supplies, recreation equipment, physical therapy services, graphic services, food, architectural and engineering services, and much more. This webpage gives a brief overview about how you can participate in these contracts.

Buy / Sell Information Exchange Sessions

Vendors are invited to Loudoun County Procurement's Buyer/Seller Information Exchange sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to give businesses the opportunity to meet the county's Procurement staff and become familiar with the county's procurement process. These informal sessions are held monthly and are open to all vendors to discuss the county's processes, upcoming contracts and any vendor questions or concerns.

  • Find more information about the Buyer/Seller Information Exchange sessions, including the schedule, here.