Nov 21

On-Street Parking Fees South of Ashburn Station Begin November 21

Posted on November 21, 2022 at 9:21 AM by Nancy McCormick

Now that Metro’s Silver Line extension is open, commuters planning to park near the Ashburn South parking garage must pay on-street parking fees beginning Monday, November 21, 2022. As part of the initial kickoff of the Silver Line in Loudoun, the Board of Supervisors waived parking fees through the first weekend of Metrorail service. 

Beginning November 21, parking rates are $1.25 per hour (off-peak hours) and must be paid via the Flowbird parking App as shown on the signage. The pay-to-park area is confined to the undeveloped area around the Ashburn South parking garage where signage has been installed. At this time, commuter parking should not have an immediate impact on the residential on-street parking areas. However, the county will continue to monitor public streets in the Moorefield residential area and take appropriate action if needed.  It is anticipated that the Moorefield residential area on-street parking restrictions will begin in 2023 after coordination with the area homeowners associations. 

The county-operated parking garages at the Ashburn and Loudoun Gateway Metro Stations are also now open. Parking fees in the garages also begin November 21. The daily weekday rate for the county’s Metro station garages is $4.95 per day.

Additional information about the county’s On-street Parking Management Area at Moorefield Station can be found at More information about the Silver Line, including garage parking, is posted at

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Sep 12

Board to Refine Parking Ordinances

Posted on September 12, 2022 at 11:50 AM by Nancy McCormick

At its September 14, 2022, public hearing, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to take comments about proposed amendments to ordinances regulating county parking garages and surface lots, parking meters and residential parking management areas (PMAs). 

The public hearing will be held in the Board Room of the Loudoun County Government Center, 1 Harrison St. SE, in Leesburg, at 6:00 p.m. on September 14. Members of the public may provide input the Board on the agenda items. To learn more about how to provide input and how to sign up to speak in advance of the meeting, visit loudoun,gov/signuptospeak

The proposed amendments are intended to clarify language in the Codified Ordinances of Loudoun County.  One amendment to Chapter 482 (PDF), regarding county parking garages and surface lots, adds the term “on-street parking” to ensure the county’s ability to monitor and enforce violations in those facilities as well as in Parking Management Areas (PMAs). 

Another amendment clarifies that the county can issue “virtual” parking permits in addition to physical parking permits (Chapter 484) (PDF). That amendment includes other minor grammar and typo corrections. Amendments to Chapter 485 (PDF) establish eligibility requirements for obtaining annual residential parking permits in PMAs. 

PMAs, such as the one created for residents living in Moorefield on the south side of Ashburn Station, will prevent Metro patrons from parking cars in residential areas. The PMA is necessary because Metro’s Silver Line is expected to begin service to Ashburn Station later this year.

Residents may continue to follow the Board’s process as the details of the residential parking zone are finalized:

  • View the Board of Supervisors' schedule of meetings at
  • View meeting agendas and documents, and livestreamed and archived meeting videos at
  • Watch Board meetings on cable TV: Comcast Government Channel 23 or Verizon FiOS Channel 40.
Apr 06

Board Amends Parking Meter Ordinance; Sets Rates for Parking Near Ashburn Metro Station

Posted on April 6, 2022 at 3:45 PM by Nancy McCormick

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has approved amendments to the county’s parking meter ordinance, establishing parking rates for metered and residential parking in the Moorefield Station neighborhoods and mixed-use areas adjacent to the Ashburn Metro Station. 

The parking meter rates within the On-Street Parking Management Area in the Moorefield Station neighborhood are $1.25 per hour (off-peak hours) and $1.75 per hour (peak hours). Residents of communities within the Parking Management Area will have the option to purchase parking passes at a cost of $10 per year for each resident parking pass. Details of how the program will be administered will be determined at a future Board meeting. A smartphone mobile app will be used for metered parking in the mixed-use area, which will begin in advance of the start of Metro Rail service. The residential parking zone will be phased in once the details of the program are approved by the Board. 

On-Street Parking Management Area    

During its March 1, 2022, meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved a new On-Street Parking Management Area in the Moorefield Station neighborhood in preparation for the opening of Metrorail’s Silver Line service in Loudoun County. The area includes metered parking and a residential permit parking zone. 

The parking areas are designed to promote the use of the Ashburn Station South garage by Metrorail riders in order to preserve neighborhood parking for use by current and future Moorefield Station residents and businesses and to discourage Metro riders and business patrons from parking in front of residential properties. Parking enforcement will be in effect from 6:00 am. to 6:00 p.m., seven days a week.

The Ashburn Station South garage will provide 1,540 parking spaces and has vehicular and pedestrian access to Silver Train Street and Croson Lane. The daily fee for parking in the garage is $4.95.

The On-Street Parking Management Area specific to the Moorefield Station area includes the public roads generally bordered by but not including Loudoun County Parkway, Old Ryan Road and Vinegar Hill Drive. The area consists of a new network of publicly maintained streets, which currently includes approximately 400 on-street parking spaces and is proposed to expand with future development to more than 800 on-street spaces. 

More Information

For more information about the Moorefield Station On-Street Parking Management Area and to sign up to receive email and text updates, visit

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