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Nov 21

Board of Supervisors Receives Written Update on Efforts to Address Airport Noise

Posted on November 21, 2023 at 5:08 PM by Nancy McCormick

The Board of Supervisors canceled its November 2023 Transportation and Land Use Committee; however, county staff provided an update about its work with Vinair, the consulting firm hired by Loudoun County to analyze noise from Dulles International Airport.

The project team continues to document and analyze existing operations at Dulles International Airport (IAD) as it prepares to begin meeting with the county Airport Noise Work Group in January 2024. This work will help to inform technical discussions on possible operational adjustments to alleviate noise impacts. 

The baseline assessment includes review of:

  • Total operations (pre- and post-COVID)
  • Runway use statistics and trends (pre- and post-COVID)
  • Review of Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) IAD Noise Reports (10-year historical review)
  • Review of noise complaints and social media for understanding of community issues and concerns
  • Review of land use (current and historical) in Loudoun County
  • Designation of study area (area of interest)
  • Review of published procedures 
  • Review of IAD noise exposure with focus on Loudoun County and communities west of IAD

Additionally, the project team is documenting “Aviation Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities;” a clarification that will enable participants in the community process to better understand which entity—such as MWAA, IAD operations, or various agencies within the FAA—has purview over various decision points. 

In the meantime, county staff is identifying community representatives for the community Airport Noise Work Group that will guide the project’s work.

For more information about the current project, visit

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