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Public Safety - Fire and Rescue

Posted on: April 6, 2017

Spring Cleaning for Safety

For Additional Information:
Laura Rinehart, Public Information Officer
[email protected] or 571-233-1649
April 6, 2017

For Immediate Release:
Spring Cleaning for Safety

            As warmer weather approaches, so begins the annual task of spring cleaning inside and outside the home. Loudoun County Fire and Rescue reminds residents of important safety considerations as spring draws near.

Around the house:

  • Check, vacuum and clean smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. We recommend testing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors monthly and changing batteries regularly.
  • Make sure all exits and escape routes are clear from debris and are easily accessible.
  • Reduce clutter in and around your home. Clear at least a three foot space around your electrical panel, furnace, hot water heater, fireplace, space heaters and dryer.
  • Have furnaces, chimneys and air conditioning units cleaned and inspected by a licensed professional.
  • Check electrical outlets, extension cords and power strips to ensure they’re appropriately sized and not overloaded.
  • Ensure all cleaning products, household chemicals, paints, and poisons are properly marked and safely stored out of children’s reach.

In the Yard:

  • Trim bushes, plants, and trees surrounding your home and keep vegetation at least ten feet from the structure.
  • Keep gutters and roofs clear of debris. If using a ladder, be sure the rungs are dry and the ladder is securely positioned on a flat surface.
  • When operating a lawn mower, rake before you mow to prevent stones or loose debris from flying into the air. Never start a mower indoors and when refueling, make sure the engine is turned off and cool.
  • Gasoline and cleaning fluids should be well marked and stored in a cool, dry place away from the house and out of the reach of children. Use only approved containers for gasoline storage.
  • Spread mulch at least 18” away from the house with a non-combustible barrier in between, such as rock or gravel. Mulch is combustible, and if placed directly beside a structure, can rapidly increase fire spread.
  • Discard smoking materials in an appropriate container, such as a metal or ceramic pot filled with sand. NEVER use a container filled with soil/plants OR one made of plastic.
  • Place cigarette butt containers away from the house. NEVER place containers on the porch, deck, or just outside the door. Hot embers can smolder for days!

           For additional fire safety information, call Lisa Braun, Public Education Manager at 571-258-3222 or visit the Loudoun County Fire Marshal’s website at www.loudoun.gov/firemarshal.


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