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Residential Communities Interactive Map: Existing and Planned Communities in Loudoun
Link to Residential Communities of Loudoun MapThe Residential Communities of Loudoun County interactive map was created to provide the public with information about the existing and planned subdivisions of Loudoun County.

Information about each subdivision includes:
  • the number of acres,
  • how many units have been built,
  • how many units may eventually be built,  
  • the percentage of the project that is complete, 
  • an alternative name for the subdivision, if applicable, and 
  • whether it is age restricted. 

Directions for Using the Map
 Image of map with arrow
 The filter icon, circled, may be used to find a
community name of interest

Using the filter icon at the bottom right, you may either scroll to find a community name of interest, or begin typing the name of a community in the drop-down to narrow down your search.

Click on any community on the map for additional information, and zoom in on the map to see all parcels within a community. You may also click on a parcel for the parcel identification number.

The filter icon also includes the option to search on “Other Places”, which includes the locations of incorporated towns, unincorporated villages, and historic names within the county. 
For More Information

More information about the residential communities in Loudoun is available through the county's interactive Existing and Potential Development mapping tool or by contacting the Loudoun County Department of Planning and Zoning at 703-777-0246 or by email.

Map Example Using Filter Icon

Image of map example

The residential community data included in this interactive map are accurate as of July 1, 2016. The data will soon be updated on a quarterly basis.

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