Circuit Court Judges' Chambers



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Alejandra Rueda
Chief of Staff
Email Alejandra Rueda

Phone: 703-777-0464


18 E Market Street, Fourth Floor
Leesburg, VA 20178
Courtrooms 2A through 2E

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Clerk of the Circuit Court

Phone: 703-777-0270
Fax: 703-737-8549
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Rueda, Alejandra Chief of Staff 703-777-0464  
Fleming Jr., Douglas L. Chief Judge      
Fisher, James P. Judge      
Plowman, James E. Judge      
Sincavage, Stephen E. Judge      
Snow, Matthew P. Judge      
Bain, Amy Docket Manager 703-777-0464  
Barbini, Susan Docket Manager 703-777-0464  
Pohlner, Eric Lead Staff Attorney 703-777-0464  
Xenos, Alexander Staff Attorney 703-777-0464  
Vernail, Angela Staff Attorney 703-777-0464  
Nguyen, Thy Legal Services Specialist for Chief Judge Fleming 703-777-0464  
Scott, Ashleigh Legal Services Specialist for Judge Snow 703-777-0464  
Dickens, Rebecca Legal Services Specialist for Judge Sincavage 703-777-0464  
Swart, Heather Legal Services Specialist for Judge Plowman 703-777-0464