What is an example of this crime?

Here are some examples of obtaining money by false pretenses:

  • In the parking lot of a grocery store, you are approached by someone claiming to have a winning lottery ticket. They are unable to cash in the ticket and are willing to sell it to you for much less than the winning amount.  After you agree and buy the ticket, you find out it isn’t real. 
  • Someone asks you to donate money to the Loudoun County Police Department. You provide them with $200. The person calling has committed this offense as there is no “Loudoun County Police Department”. In Loudoun, we have a Sheriff’s Office, which serves as the chief law enforcement agency for our citizens.

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1. What is obtaining money by false pretense?
2. What is an example of this crime?
3. What should I do if I am the victim of false pretense?
4. What can I do to avoid becoming a victim of False Pretenses?