I am very worried and fearful about COVID-19 and the potential impacts to me and my family. What resources does the County have available to assist employees with dealing with stress?

The County offers resources available to employees and members of their household who may need emotional support. Call Lytle EAP at 800-327-7272 or visit mylifeexpert.com, click “Work/Life Website Login,” and then create a new account with the company code “lcgovt” for access to online resources. Counselors are able to assist 24 hours a day. Employees and members of their household are provided up to six (6) confidential counseling sessions (public safety employees are provided up to eight (8) confidential counseling sessions).  This benefit is available to all regular employees and long-term temporary employees who work longer than 90 days.

Employees who are covered under the Cigna medical plan who have exhausted their counseling sessions with Lytle or who wish to seek counseling directly through Cigna’s network may utilize Cigna’s behavioral health services to receive three (3) face-to-face counseling sessions at no cost. If additional counseling sessions are needed, continuation of services may occur at the normal copay for OAP/POS plans or applicable coinsurance for the HRA/HSA plans after the deductible has been met. 

To access services visit myCigna.com, Review My Coverage, Employee Assistance Program. You can call 877.231.1492 for referrals or go online, search the provider directory and obtain an authorization. You can also call Cigna customer service at 800.244.6224.  If there isn’t a number on your card, call Cigna Behavioral Health at 800.274.7603.

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16. I am very worried and fearful about COVID-19 and the potential impacts to me and my family. What resources does the County have available to assist employees with dealing with stress?
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20. I have a question that is not addressed in this FAQ. Who should I direct my inquiry to?