What is Loudoun County’s Geographic Information System and WebLOGIS?
The Loudoun County Office of Mapping and Geographic Information is responsible for maintaining the county's Geographic Information System (GIS), the computerized mapping system.

The office in the Loudoun County Government Center produces and distributes maps and mapped data sets, assigns addresses, and approves all street names.

Maps and data about property, floodplains, soils, topography, zoning, streets, addresses and other topics are available. The office maintains a public information counter in the government center at 1 Harrison Street S.E., in Leesburg, where anyone can use the GIS and the county's Land Management Information System (LMIS) to find current land information maintained by various county offices.

WebLOGIS is Loudoun County’s Geographic Information System (GIS)-based mapping tool for the Internet. It was developed in 2001 to provide user-friendly access to the county’s GIS-mapped information resources. It interfaces with the assessment database, and is updated nightly with the most current parcel and address information.

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