How was this contamination found?

In 1989, wells were tested in response to concerns about contamination from the Hidden Lane landfill and 2 showed evidence of TCE Since then, five wells were discovered to be contaminated with TCE as part of Loudoun County's requirement for testing new wells for contaminants and the remaining 25 were found as a result of our current testing.

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1. What is trichloroethylene?
2. How are people exposed to trichloroethylene?
3. How much TCE is permitted in drinking water?
4. Where has TCE been found in Loudoun County?
5. What is the source of the well water contamination?
6. How was this contamination found?
7. What are the health effects of TCE?
8. How will this affect my pregnancy or children?
9. Will this affect my pets or plants?
10. What is the Health Department doing in response to these findings?
11. What should people do if TCE is found in their drinking water?
12. I live in CountrySide. Is my water safe to consume and use?
13. Where can I find out more about TCE in Loudoun County?