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1. Are distributions from my individual retirement account (IRA) or annuities included in my gross household income computation for tax relief purposes?
2. I am separated from my spouse. Do I still need to include his or her net worth even though he or she is not an owner of the property?
3. How do I determine the value of my additional acreage so that I can calculate my net worth?
4. What is total and permanent disability?
5. Must my application or certification be notarized?
6. If I have applied for Loudoun County Tax Relief and my application has not been approved by the date my taxes are due, should I pay the taxes?
7. If I am granted tax relief after the 1st half real property tax deadline, which is June 5th, will relief be granted for the entire year?
8. Do I have to be a Loudoun County resident for a minimum period of time before applying for tax relief?
9. What is a sole dwelling? Can I be absent from my home and continue to receive tax relief?