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Loudoun County Senior Center at Cascades

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Admission Fee

Membership or drop-in fees for seniors. Fees vary for programs and events.

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  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Catering Kitchen
  3. Ceramics/Pottery Kiln
  4. Classroom(s)
  5. Computer room
  6. Dance Studio
  7. Fitness Area(s)
  8. Leisure Programs
  9. Lunch Program
  10. Meeting Room(s)
  11. Multipurpose Room(s)
  12. Office/Visitor Center
  13. Parking
  14. Pool Tables
  15. Recreational Programs
  16. Special Events
About the Center
The Loudoun County Senior Center at Cascades is located adjacent to the Cascades Library.center provides an active gathering spot for the thriving, diverse community of adults 55 and older in eastern Loudoun County.

Center Programs
The center offers classes, groups and programs on a wide variety of topics that provide learning, growth and social opportunities. Search for programs and activities at Cascades Senior Center.
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