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Settle-Dean Cabin

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About the Settle-Dean Cabin 

Historic Settle-Dean Cabin is located in the Chantilly area of Loudoun County. Access to the interior of the cabin is limited to select special events.

Charles W. Dean worked as a slave for Thomas Settle in the Village of Conklin in eastern Loudoun County for many years. The two families inhabited a house consisting of two log cabins sided-over with boards and joined together. Mr. Settle willed the 142-acre property to Dean and his descendants in 1886.

The house was in extremely poor condition when Toll Brothers acquired the property in the 1990s. Despite the condition of the structure, members of the local community urged the Board of Supervisors to save the building. A subsequent proffer agreement was reached requiring the developer to dismantle the original log house and relocate it a few hundred feet on the west side of Loudoun County Parkway.

The Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services and Friends of the Arcola Slave Quarters held a dedication ceremony on Saturday, November 5, 2011.

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