Should county employees be required to wear protective gloves?

(Posted 3/17/20) In general, gloves are not recommended to be worn by employees other than when they are actively seeing patients, disinfecting or coming in contact with dangerous materials. The practice of wearing gloves all day is not beneficial and can be counterproductive if it reduces the frequency of hand washing and use of hand sanitizer.

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1. Should county employees be required to wear protective gloves?
2. Do you anticipate the need for emergency legislation from Richmond to loosen the existing restrictions on elected officials participating remotely in meetings?
3. What disinfection schedule are you recommending for county and town facilities? Given the experience of some stores on the west coast, are we apt to face shortages of disinfectant?
4. Have you estimated how much the county should be prepared to spend to accomplish this, if necessary?
5. Do you recommend the county set aside millions of dollars for emergency preparedness during this budget cycle?
6. What steps are we taking to ensure our first responders, especially our ambulance crews, do not contract the virus from patients they’re transporting?