What happens if an employee is sick and does not have any accrued sick leave?

If the employee is experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms and is in the process of seeking a medical diagnosis, the employee may be able to use Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL). EPSL is available to cover the first 80 hours (full-time employees working 40+ hours per week) or two weeks (part-time) based on the number of hours worked, on average, over a 2 week period, for time out of the office due to illness. All employees regardless of employee type (regular, temporary, or unclassified) who are sick and seeking a medical diagnosis are eligible for this leave, with the exception of healthcare providers and emergency responders.  Once this leave type is expended, the employee will use accrued sick leave and other paid leave (if sick leave is not available) if more leave time is needed.

If an employee becomes seriously ill and exhausts all paid leave accruals, the employee should contact the Department of Human Resources, Benefits Division, at 703-777-0213 to discuss possible eligibility for short-term disability and/or donated leave. Approvals of short-term disability and donated leave will be subject to existing eligibility requirements and restrictions. Information related to short-term disability and donated leave can be found here:

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