How do you decide if I’m eligible for Medicaid Nursing Home Admission?

Two factors determine your eligibility - your needs assessed by a social worker and nurse and your income and resources assessed by a senior benefits specialist. These are two separate processes. To determine your needs, we will ask you questions about your ability to perform day-to-day tasks such as bathing and dressing. We need to know if you are able to do these tasks by yourself or if you need some assistance. Medicaid will only pay for nursing home admission for individuals who need help in a lot of areas (bathing, walking, dressing, feeding, going to the bathroom, etc.). If you only need minimal assistance with bathing and some help with housekeeping, Medicaid will not pay for you to be placed in a nursing home. The senior benefits specialist will determine if you meet the income and resource criteria when you complete your Medicaid application. The benefits worker must have the completed application and all requested verification before a final decision can be made regarding your approval for Medicaid. The senior benefits specialist has 45 days from the date the Medicaid application is received by social services to make a determination.

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