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1. What do I need to open a new case?
2. How do I reopen my existing case?
3. Where can I find a list of your local rules?
4. When is your Motions Day?
5. How do I schedule a hearing?
6. Can I fax or email a pleading, motion, etc.?
7. Can I pay for a copy over the phone?
8. How can I find the status of the case?
9. How do I notify the court of an address change?
10. How do I get a bond released?
11. Which court processes child support, custody and visitation?
12. Where do I file for Bankruptcy?
13. How long does it take for Circuit Court to transfer a case?
14. What if I need an interpreter?
15. What if I need a transcript of what happened in court?
16. How do I appeal my case?
17. How do I withdraw my appeal from GDC or JDR?
18. How do I serve someone by publication?
19. How do I file for divorce?
20. How do I petition the court for amendment of a death certificate?
21. How do I petition the court for a change of sex?