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Signatures of Loudoun 2022

  1. Signatures of Loudoun 2022 Nomination Form

    Please use this form to nominate projects for the Design Cabinet's Signatures of Loudoun Design Excellence Award.

    If you need assistance completing this form, please contact the Department of Planning and Zoning: 

  2. Project Information
  3. Categories
  4. The Design Cabinet evaluates nominations for a variety of different categories. These categories include:

    • Details: Design excellence or whimsy demonstrated in the form of minutiae or finishing touches, which visually delight or offer a sense of continuity with Loudoun's history. Be creative! Tell how the physical project demonstrates design excellence and makes a lasting mark on Loudoun. These projects may also mirror Loudoun's reputation as a place of rich contrast.
    • Familiar: Design excellence demonstrated in the exceptional attention given to surrounding buildings,places, and details during the project design. A highly "contextual" design solution in which the newly "adopted child" looks as if it had always been visually harmonious member of the larger family of forms, textures and colors which can be found in the neighborhood.
    • Infrastructure: Design excellence demonstrated in infrastructure such as facilities, utilities, roadways,bridges, streetscape, parkways, and trails.
    • Interiors: Design excellence demonstrated in an interior space. This could include space in residential, commercial, retail, and public-sector structures.
    • Legends: Recognition for design excellence over a period of 25 years or more- the "test of time." These projects or places are more than a spatial experience; they have become icons of our collective memory which makes Loudoun County unique.
    • Makeovers: Design excellence demonstrated in the form of historic renovation and/or adaptive reuse. These projects may mirror Loudoun's unfolding reputation as a place of rich contrasts. Projects characterized by the preservation of a piece of Loudoun County's unique history. Note: "before" and "after" photos must be included for this category.
    • Pace Setters: Recent, visually groundbreaking projects that continue to shape Loudoun County as a unique environment. While Loudoun's vernacular buildings, places, and details mark the community's beginnings, these projects mark its current state of affairs and potentially set the pace for the future. Pace Setters may well be the Legends which the Signatures of Loudoun program honors a quarter-century from now.
    • Public Spaces: Design excellence demonstrated in the form of public greens, plazas and squares, which, by their attributes, have become a favorite mixing place. These are places where exceptional design has created gathering places that are icons of a community.
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    Please select all categories that apply.

  6. Please upload a short narrative statement that tells us why this project should be considered as a Signature of Loudoun. You should include specific features related to the categories, as well as such features as consideration for energy efficiency, sustainability, or community economic benefit. Also, please provide any personal or community stories you may wish to share about the project.

  7. Photographs

    Please upload a photo of the nomination, including photographer credit. Note: photos should be as high-resolution as possible; there is a 20 MB limit on uploaded files.

    All images from all entries may be used for future purposes by Loudoun County. All project photographs must credit the photographer and have rights already cleared to allow for their use by Loudoun County.

    Photographs will not be sold.

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  10. Example: owner, architect, designer, etc.

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  12. Information for Awards: Recipient

    The main recipient will receive the Award Poster and Award Certificate on behalf of the project. Please indicate how the main project recipient should be cited.

  13. Information for Awards: Participating Companies, Organizations or Individuals

    Other companies or individuals who participated in the project can receive award certificates recognizing the role they played in this project. Please indicate how the participating companies, organizations or individuals should be cited.

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