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Application for Use of Courthouse Grounds

  1. Use of the Courthouse Steps and/or Exterior of the Building

    Please note that this application only covers requests for the grounds surrounding the courthouse. Use of the steps or exterior of the buildings (such as the colonnade) for both the historic and main courthouse, is limited to court-related activities. For further questions regarding use of the steps, please call 703-771-5770.

    Other questions regarding courthouse grounds applications can be directed to Public Affairs.

  2. Please describe the event proposed to be held on the courthouse grounds. Include information on the nature of the event, any displays or equipment to be used, necessary setup time, expected activities, and expected number of people to attend. Please also note any special requests in this space. Please be as specific as possible.
  3. Will your event require the use of power?*
  4. Where on the grounds will the gathering take place?*

    See Zone map to the right. Select all that apply.

  5. Map showing zones on courthouse grounds
  6. Are you planning to publicize the event?*
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  8. Review and Approval
    This application will be reviewed by County Administration and applicants will receive an e-mail notifying them of the approval decision. Please direct questions to [email protected].
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