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Service Complaint Form

  1. This form is used to file a complaint regarding a deputy's or other employee's conduct or the level of service provided by the Sheriff's Office.

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  3. Witness 1 Information

  4. Witness 2 Information

  5. Incident Information

  6. Affirmation

  7. I do hereby affirm that the foregoing information provided by me is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any false or misleading statements, accusations or allegations made by me in relation to this complaint, either orally or in writing, may subject me to civil action and/or criminal prosecution.

    I realize that to assure a thorough investigation of this matter, it may become necessary for me to meet with representatives of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office for the purpose of discussing this incident in detail. I further understand that if a trial board hearing or court hearing results from this investigation, my presence and testimony at such hearing may become necessary. I hereby agree to make myself available at reasonable times and places as may be necessary for such interviews and/or hearings.

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