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Loudoun County Transit App - Banner

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  2. Form Instruction for Loudoun County Transit
    This form will be forwarded to [email protected]. Please submit your request at least 3 days before you'd like the banner to appear in the app. If the request is urgent, select yes from the drop-down field next to this message.
  3. Stick to important facts as your text will be edited (when, what and service impacted). Examples: April 26 Service Change: All Bus Routes/Commuter, Silver Line, and Local Bus Routes; Thanksgiving Holiday Service Changes for November 23-25; April 26 Emergency Service Plan - Delayed Morning Service

  4. Examples: Changes on all routes Nov 23. Tap for more info. or Get your fares ready for May 3. Tap for more info.
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    If you have any questions or need clarification on this request, please contact the Loudoun County Transit staff member indicated below.
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