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Loudoun Workforce Resource Center - Volunteer Application 2020

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  2. (The Loudoun Workforce Resource Center is part of the Dept. of Family Services)
    The Loudoun Workforce Resource Center requests the following information to assist in determining if your skills, availability and experience are a good match with the services offered and our needs. This information is confidential and for internal use only. Thank you for your time in completing this application, which serves as the first step in the volunteer intake process.
  3. Please read carefully before completing this online application
    All applicants interested in a Volunteer Trainer position must have a minimum of two years’ experience in the subject area they wish to teach and verifiable presentation and/or facilitation skills to groups of adults. To be fully considered for such positions, the minimum requirements must be reflected on the applicant’s resume and attached to the volunteer application at the time of submission.
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                A reference should be a person (NON-RELATIVE) who is familiar with your qualifications and/or experiences as they relate to the topics you are interested in facilitating. YOU MUST PROVIDE TWO (2) REFERENCES.
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              4. Consent to Release Information/Disclosure
              5. I hereby authorize the Loudoun Workforce Resource Center (part of the Department of Family Services) to verify information reported on this application. I understand that this information may be gathered and reviewed prior to my association as a volunteer with the Loudoun Workforce Resource Center. I release the Loudoun Workforce Resource Center and organizations supplying information, from all liability and responsibility, damages and claims of any kind arising from this investigation of my background.

                I understand that misrepresentations or omissions may be cause for my immediate denial as an applicant for a volunteer position or my termination as a volunteer with the Loudoun Workforce Resource Center.

                I understand that this is an application for and not commitment or promise of volunteer opportunity.

                I understand that all information will be considered confidential to the fullest extent allowed by the law.
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              7. Just a reminder: Once the application is received, the Training Coordinator will contact the prospective volunteer to ask questions, gather more information and possibly schedule an interview.
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